BELhospice donation boxes in EKO SERBIA gas stations

EKO SERBIA supports BELhospice campaign for establishing the first inpatient hospice in Serbia by placing donation boxes in EKO gas stations in and around Belgrade.

Leo D’aes, Belgium ambassador to Serbia and chairman of the Honorary Patrons Board, together with Goran Dejanovic, CEO EKO SERBIA, placed the first donation box and starting today, donation boxes for hospice will be available to public in EKO SERBIA gas stations. All raised funds will be used for establishing of the first inpatient hospice in Serbia. Mr. Dejanovic said that it’s a great honor to always help those who need it the most and that EKO SERBIA is very proud of the project considering that cancer patients are one of the most vulnerable social groups in Serbia. Project such as this deserves support of corporate sector and individuals.

EKO SERBIA a.d. was established in September 2002 as a subsidiary of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, the energy leader in Greece and Southeast Europe. In Serbia, company has invested over 100 million EUR and has over 800 employees. EKO SERBIA a.d. operates through a retail network of 53 petrol stations under the EKO brand and plans to further expand, with the aim to offer its services in all parts of Serbia and all segments of the oil and petroleum products market.